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How You Should Buy Groceries: Farmer's Markets


Every Saturday morning I head to my local Farmer's Market to get all of my produce for the week. At every stall vendors provide plastic produce bags, but my family and I manage to get our groceries with minimal waste.

In the photo above you can see that I do have a few plastic baskets, and I sometimes end up with some rubber bands. These I wash and return to the farmers the next week to be reused, although I usually don't find myself having these most of the time anyway. The rest of my fruits and veggies I either put in reusable cloth produce bags or just straight in my basket/bag. I buy my bread in paper bags (As Kneaded Bakery is the best!!), which I reuse later in the week and then recycle or compost.

My produce drawer in the fridge is lined with paper that I acquire here and there, like the bread bags I described above, so it's easy to clean and I have no trouble storing loose produce. Again, most of my produce is in my cloth bags, and some I put in jars filled with a bit of water. I find these methods keep them super fresh all week long.

The rest of my groceries come from the Whole Foods bulk section, where I can bring my own container and only pay for what I need, without footing the bill for packaging. Woohoo! I'll do a post about bulk foods grocery shopping and my zero waste produce bags soon. The best part about farmer's markets is meeting the people who grow your food, and seeing the same friendly faces every week. By shopping ZW I save a lot of money, and I have fresher food from people that I've gotten to know.