Simplify Zero Waste


Eco-Conscious Holiday Travels

1. Prepare zero waste food and snacks for your travels so you're not tempted to buy packaged, processed foods. Your local bulk store as well as Whole Foods and Safeway all carry delicious unpackaged snacks. Preparing your meals ahead of time will save packaging, money and will likely be healthier for you.

2. Bring a reusable water bottle-leftover jars work too! Say no to single use packaging by refilling your reusable as you travel.

3. Opt for public transportation during your travels. According to the FTA, transportation is responsible for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions. Refuse to contribute another car to these numbers by using public transportation as much as possible.

4. If you're flying, consider buying to offset your environmental impact. Non-profits such as,, and (UK) will calculate your carbon footprint from flying, and you can offset your impact by funding their climate and development projects.

Bonus: Pick up any litter that you see while on your trip, and dispose of it properly. The community you're visiting and the environment will thank you! You can post a picture of the trash you find, tag @pickuponemillion and #helpinghandful to inspire others to do the same.