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Lush Shampoo Bar Review: Initial Thoughts

I finally ran out of my packaged shampoo that I've had forever, which means that I get to try out a zero waste shampoo! I went for Jason and the Argan Oil by Lush Cosmetics, because the store is super close to me which meant that I didn't have to pay for or waste any resources and packaging by having the product shipped to my house. So far, I've washed my hair 5 times with this product and I have a few thoughts:

Jason and the Argan Oil bar and the bar container.

Jason and the Argan Oil bar and the bar container.


1. During wash it FEELS GOOD and FOAMS WELL, allowing me to really work it into my hair and get a great wash.

2. Hair feels super SOFT, CLEAN AND STRONG when dry, and I actually prefer the way it washes my hair to all the past products that I can think of. My hair looks and feels great.

3. It comes PACKAGE FREE, which means that you only pay for the product itself, and you're saving the environment from wasteful plastic production and having to recycle the bottle when you're done. You can buy a reusable tin at Lush, or you can bring your own container.

4. I love that it's made from simple, NATURAL INGREDIENTS, and you can even watch a how-it's-made video on their Youtube Channel

5. REASONABLY PRICED. The bar was $11.95 per 2oz, and the tin I bought (that I can reuse next time) cost 3.95. These bars are supposed to last 30 uses, so I will update you all when I'm done with my bar to see how many times I washed. I think this is a good price, especially compared to how expensive certain shampoos can get.

6. The one that I have, Jason and the Argan Oil, is VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE. I know one of the other bars contained honey, but most of them were completely vegan. Saving the environment and animal lives!


1. DR. BRONNER FEELING. While you rinse, hair has an oil-free feeling that's similar to the way your skin feels after using Dr. Bronner's soap. I'm fine with it because I know it feels great when dry, but I don't like this feeling during the rinsing process.

2. You have to make sure that the bar dries out after you're done, otherwise it can get GOOPY WHEN WET in the tin, so I keep my container open by the window for a little while after showering. It's really not a big deal so I hesitate putting it in the cons, but it's an extra step that I feel I should mention.

3. NEEDS BETTER SCENTS! I think that this scent smells good (like sweet rose), but I did NOT like any of the other scents. Like I really didn't like them. I would love to try out some of the formulas that were created for different hair types, but I just had to choose this one because I hated them so much. I would even love it if they were unscented.

4. COLORING. I wish that they didn't add any dyes to the product. It's not a huge deal, and it doesn't leave any color residue, but I really don't feel the need to have my shampoo bar be pink.


Although there are a few things that I would love for Lush to improve (better scents PLEASE), all-in-all I really like this product. I can't wait to finish up my old conditioner so that I can try out one of their conditioning bars. I'll let you all know when I'm done using this product if I'll be purchasing again. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any zero waste hair care products and how you liked them!