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Improve Your New Year's Resolutions

1. BE SPECIFIC. Saying that you want to get fit in 2018 is a very general; you're likely to lose track of this resolution easily. Instead, you could commit to waking up every weekday morning at 7 to workout before work, or transitioning into a vegan diet. Make concrete, small goals that are measurable, attainable, and will lead you to your larger goal.

2. Don't only focus on yourself, resolve to HELP OTHERS. Yes, you are important, and you should make choices that make you happier, but this New Years don't only focus on materialistic goals. Instead, ask yourself how you can help the environment and others by changing small daily habits. This year I'm committing to donate a specific amount of my income to charity, and I'm focusing on cutting out food waste.

3. THINK ABOUT MOTIVES and VISUALIZE. Why is this resolution important to you? Why haven't you achieved this goal already? What will your life look like, and how will you feel when you implement this resolution? By thinking about why you want change and envisioning your life with it, you are more likely to stick to your resolution.

4. Hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE with your resolutions. This might mean telling your friends or family about your goal, maybe setting periodic reminders on your phone, or opting into an online community of supporters. Personally, I do best working towards a goal independently. I hold myself accountable by scheduling a new habit into my planner, and leaving myself reminders on my phone to stick to my resolutions.

5. Whatever it is, START NOW. You don't have to wait for New Years to roll around to create a new resolution. If we always did that, we would never get anything done! Whatever you would like to improve in your life, make a plan and start now.

Let me know in the comments below what your resolutions are this year!