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Plastic Produce Bags are Lame

Don't want to use plastic produce bags at the grocery store but can't make your own/buy some just get? Here's how to NOT use produce bags for your vegetables in your fridge. 

When I'm grocery shopping I bring either a reusable bag or my farmer's market basket and just put my vegetables straight in. At the register they easily weigh them without bags and put them straight back into your container. You're going to need to wash them before consuming anyways, so don't worry about placing them on the conveyor belt.

Here's how to line your fridge drawers at home:


Step 1

This is optional I guess, but I try to clean out my drawer for my own sanity. With a sponge or cloth I wipe it down with white distilled vinegar. I like to put leftover rinds from lemons or oranges into my vinegar and place it in the fridge so that it smells extra nice.


Step 2

After cleaning the drawer, take any leftover paper that you've accumulated and will throw away. For me this usually ends up being paper bags; I still have a ton from before I started reducing my waste, and somehow continue to accumulate more.*  Cut the paper to fit your shelf. For bags I usually just open them at their seems and fold to fit.


Step 3

Put in your produce!

*I'm sure that you could also do this step with a kitchen towel or some other cloth you're not using and just wash them when you can. I prefer this way because it gives me a chance to up-cycle my paper waste, and I can compost them after for an easy clean up. Do you.