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DIY New Years Party Horns


Don't throw away your holiday gift wrappings!

Upcycle as New Years party horns!


Grab glue, whatever leftover gift wrapping tissue you have, some leftover metallic wrapping paper if you can find it, and a toilet paper roll. You could also use whistles or plastic horns if you're planning on using them year after year. I'm more in it for the decor than the noise so I'm using a cardboard roll.

Cut the cardboard roll into three triangles, roll and glue them into cones. Cut tissue paper so you have pieces 4 inches tall and 6-8 inches wide. Metallic pieces should be 2 inches by 1 inch.

Fold the tissue piece in half both ways so it's 2 inches tall but you're cutting more layers at once. Cut the tissue leaving about a half inch uncut at the top. Unfold as in the picture and glue a line across the uncut portion.

Do the same with the metallic piece without folding at all.


Wrap the tissue around the cone placing the top of the uncut tissue about an inch down from the smaller cone opening. Press the glue down as you go. Once tissue is placed, glue the metallic strip over the top of the tissue as in the photo. 

Voila! Leftover holiday gift wrappings turned New Year's party horns!