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Why I Stopped Taking the Pill

1. ACNE BREAKOUTS. I began taking the pill early in high school to treat my acne, as recommended by my general doctor and dermatologist. I have used pretty much every product out there for acne besides Acutane, and I ended up trying many different brands/types of the pill, too. However, my acne never cleared up, and only seemed to get worse over the years. "Fixing" my skin was no longer a reason to stay on the pill, because it never helped me.

2. EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER. I found that while on the pill I was having really high high's, and really low low's. This usually coordinated with my cycle, and got worse as the years went on. Before going on the pill I never had this problem. I considered adding another medication to help with this, but realized that it might be the pill messing with my hormones. It was. After stopping the pill my emotions are much more leveled out, and I no longer have drastic ups and downs.

3. UNRELIABLE BIRTH CONTROL. 9 out of 100 birth control pill users get pregnant every year compared to 1 in 100 with an IUD. For me, remembering to take the pill everyday was never really a problem. But, perfection is difficult and 91% effectiveness for that much effort was not enough for me.

4. FREQUENT PERIODS. When I started taking the pill it actually lightened my period and reduced my menstruation days in the month. But towards the end I was getting my period twice a month for a week at a time. It was horrible! My doctor said that it's semi-common for women to experience a change in the frequency of their periods even after taking the same pill for a long time as I had been then. I could have continued trying different types of the pill but at that point it was clear that it wasn't working for me.

5. Combined with these negative side effects, it bothered me how WASTEFUL the pill is. Every month you have a new paper package that contains another plastic package, with another plastic cover, that contains paper booklets and the plastic pill packaging. Come on! I never think twice about necessary medical waste, but it didn't make sense for me to be going against my morals to produce so much waste for something that really wasn't working for me.

This post was about my experiences, and my choice to discontinue taking the birth control pill. I understand that this can be a great option and sometimes is even necessary for some; I'm just sharing my reasons for finding something that works better for me.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like a post about my current birth control! Do you take the pill? What birth control option do you use?